The benefits of everyday creativity

Do you struggle to introduce creative activities into your everyday life?

This can be difficult: you fall into a routine and there seems to be no time in your schedule to try something a little bit different. However, there is a growing body of research that shows what a massive positive impact creativity can have on our wellbeing.

Creativity helps us become more present and engage in the moment. When we work at developing our ideas, we become more experienced at understanding ourselves and trusting our instincts. This builds our confidence and helps us learn how to approach things in different ways. In addition, the chance to set aside some time in our day to break away from the pressures of our normal life and engage in something we find enjoyable decreases anxiety and helps to restore balance. We benefit from even a single session of creativity but regular engagement provides greater results, which is why introducing creative activities into your everyday life can be hugely beneficial.

Sometimes it’s difficult to embrace creativity over the fear that you are not a particularly creative person. This is because of a misconception that to be creative you must be a great artist, musician or something else along these lines. Creativity can be anything which involves open-mindedness, imagination and curiosity, and there is no right way or wrong way to do it. Find something that works for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you don’t need to create a masterpiece in order to enjoy everyday creativity.

For our 2019 Creativity and Wellbeing Week, as well as having over 500 events across the UK which celebrated the impact of creativity, we were involved in a series of online challenges, in connection with 64 Million Artists, The Arts Health ECRN and MARCH Mental Health Network, focusing on everyday creativity. We asked our followers to share photos and videos of them doing something creative that supported their wellbeing, whether it was a drawing, a poem, or just footage of nature that inspired them. It was wonderful to see so many people getting involved and discovering the variety of ways that different people engage in creative activities.

If you’re struggling with everyday creativity, here are a few things to get you started:

  • Set aside some time, even just a few minutes, to do something creative every day, rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • Add a little creativity into a task you do every day. This can be something as simple as taking a different route to work or cooking a meal you’ve never made before. Identify something in your life which is feeling a bit repetitive and ask ‘how can I make this more fun’?
  • Learn a new skill – get out of your comfort zone and take up a hobby you’ve never done before. This can be anything you want, from learning a new language to picking up some art supplies to play with.
  • Renew an old hobby. If there’s a creative activity you used to enjoy but have got out of the habit of doing it, make an effort to pick it back up again.
  • Sign up for The January Challenge 2020 – 31 days of free and fun creative challenges!

If you’re feeling inspired by this post, or if you already have something creative you do every day, comment below or contact us on social media [Twitter Instagram Facebook] to share what you’re getting up to.

Our ninth annual Creativity and Wellbeing Week will be held from 18-24 May 2020 and you can read more here`.

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